Create Your Own Currency

You must have Metamask logged in and a small amount of Ether (~$0.50 USD worth of ETH) available to create a currency.

* Please note this is still a beta DApp and we will continue to upgrade the software regularly. As all important functions are completed on-chain, there will be some waiting times required for mining and confirming your transactions directly on the Ethereum blockchain.
? Name:

? Currency Ticker:

? Decimal Places:

? Peg to ETH:

? Max Amount: (Optional)

Once the create contract transaction has been confirmed by the Ethereum Blockchain, scroll down below and approve some ETH for the smart-contract to spend on your behalf for conversion transactions. Then go to the Convert Page, select any available ethCurrencies in your wallet as the "Start Currency" (ETH to start) and select your created currency as the "End Currency" and convert between them.

Approve the ethCurrencies contract to use your ETH for conversion transactions.

? Amount of ETH:

You have approved: ***** ETH for the ethCurrencies Contract
Want to pay by a different method, need help, or want to create a custom currency?